Have you ever wondered what your mini would be like with a modern engine or at least more horsepower?

I have built many engines from stock to wild and a few years ago i started on a twin cam project. I made some mistakes and found out a few things and thought i would share them.

This is based on Gregg Temkins masterpiece engine he made in 1989 and i originally contacted him and went over to his house to look at it about 2008 or 2009 I was really intrigued and started getting the parts together.

First item was to find a head. I got my first one from a BMW specialist. It is also the head that is on the only running twin cam i have finished but there are now a few in process. Anyway this head is the K1100 lt version and i am so glad i chose this one as it has now given me a starting place to go from.

Next thing to do was to take a good look and figure out just exactly it was that i was looking at and to get some idea of the measurements. physically it fits on the mini 1275 block perfectly and like a lot of people i thought ” it looks like it is made for it! ”  However it’s not that easy.

I get most of the items needed from specialist components and they have done an excellent job  of making the parts needed for the conversion. They will also help you out if you give them a call.

However not all of the components are the absolute best for my builds and i have sourced several items from MED and DIY auto mostly for the electronics the rest of the items i get from ebay or sites on the internet.

Here is a picture of the engineimg_2203_2

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